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Beverly Smith - Beverly has a passion for people and helping people get what they want. Looking for that something special memorial gift? Of course you want your gift to be remembered! What that means is, Beverly is dedicated to providing the best quality, the most unique jewelry and gifts that will have them remembering you everytime they look at their gift. Enjoy the site and shop with confidence that every purchase is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee!  Thanks for shopping Fine Jewelry for Romantics!



A.J. S. Rayca’s wedding ring is romantic and beautiful. Great price and great quality. We love our rings and get compliments! Thank you Bev Smith! We’ll be back for more!

Ann B
. My husband surprised me with a beautiful diamond bracelet. Everyone wants to know where he got. I’m definitely telling my friends to send their husbands to you.

Bob R. Thanks! My wife loved the diamond necklace for our anniversary. You made it so easy for me with the beautiful wooden box and the romantic card included, all I had to do was sign it! You are my secret find for fine jewelry. I’ll definitely be back.

Jim K. Just had to let you know, Becky loved her necklace. It looks great on her and she is telling everyone. Thanks for the great deal on such pretty jewelry.

Frank C
. My girlfriend told me about your jewelry and that she had found a couple things she really liked. I was so pleased with the quality and the price. She loves her new ring and I didn’t get killed on the price. Thanks!

Jill M. My husband got me a pair of diamond studs from you. I’ve always wanted a pair and he surprised me for my birthday.

Carl R
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Melanie I love the necklace I recently received! It is so beautiful and I’m getting more compliments on it than any  I’ve every worn. Thanks!

Will M. I have been so pleased with the level of service and the superior quality of my purchase. Beverly Smith was patient and gracious in helping with my decision. I have never experienced that level of personal attention with any purchase. Needless to say my mom was thrilled with her diamond necklace and I am sure she will be equally pleased with the diamond ring that I purchased for her this Christmas. I look forward to a long relationship with Fine Jewelry for Romantics!


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We know how overwhelming knowing what there is to know about fine jewelry can be. Here’s where we provide the ordinary guy with great basic information that you need to know about fine jewelry. We know what women want… we ask them all the time! So… we want to make this a wonderful experience for you to select those romantic pieces of jewelry for that someone special in your life. She’ll think you are her Prince Charming and how could you possibly afford something so wonderful? We’ll keep our great price to you our secret. 

Your Fine Jewelry purchase arrives in a beautifull wooden gift box with a Romantic Card ready for you to sign, and we even ship it for FREE! 



Q. What are the 4C's

A. The cut of a diamond, otherwise known as the shape, does not really affect the value of the diamond unless there are flaws in the cut. Whether you choose an emerald cut, a brilliant cut, a marquis cut or a pear cut is really up to your personal preferences.

The color of a diamond does affect its value. You should look for a colorless diamond if possible. Champagne diamonds, or diamonds that have a yellowish color are less valuable than diamonds that are clear or white.

The carat weight definitely affects the value of a stone. How much you spend on a diamond will be greatly determined by its carat weight. The average carat weight of an engagement ring is between .05 to 1 carat.

Sparkle and fire are also important characteristics and the more sparkle and fire a diamond has, the more a jeweler will be able to charge for it.

Q. What are the different diamond settings?

A. There are seven different types of settings for loose diamonds. Your style of setting will reflex your personal taste.

Bar: Diamonds are held in metal bars in a channel-like setting.
Bezel: In this setting the metal is formed to fit around the diamond, cupping it into place.
Channel: The diamonds are set in a row in a groove.
Chevron: This style usually holds solitaire marquise or princess-cut diamonds in V-shaped prongs.
Invisible: No visible prongs are seen as the diamonds are set in a groove..
Pave: There are no lines or defined pattern as tiny stones are embedded across the metal.
Prong: The diamond is held by several prongs to let light pass through without interference.


Q.How does diamond durability compare to the durability of other gems ?

A.Durability is a gemstone’s ability to withstand wear , heat , and chemicals . Durability consists of three properties :
Hardness : means resistance to scratching
Toughness : means resistance to breaking , chipping or cracking .
Stability : How well the diamond resists chemicals and temperature changes.


Q. What is Platinum ?

A.Platinum is a precious metal . It is rare and heavy , but it is more durable than gold and is sold in purer form. Platinum is excellent for people who are allergic to other metals. Its light color also makes it popular. Like white gold, it makes every diamonds appear white in platinum .


Q.What is the difference between 14K, 18K and pure gold?

A.Pure (or fine) gold is too soft for most jewelry pieces. The gold dents and and wears quickly. By combining pure gold with certain other alloys the most beautiful and longer lasting the jewelry.

Here is the official gold-content purity standard
10K = .4170 fine gold
14K = .5830 fine gold
18K = .7500 fine gold
24K = .9990 fine gold

The difference between the different types of gold is in the purity of the gold. The karat weight of gold is measured by a gold's purity, with 24 karat gold being pure gold.

22 karat gold would have a purity of 22/24 or 91.7 percent
18 karat gold would have a purity of 18/24 or 75 percent
14 karat gold would have a purity of 14/24 or 50 percent
10 karat gold would have a purity of 10/24 or 41.6 percent.

The less purity of gold, the more alloy in the jewelry. Copper and silver are the most common alloys used when making gold jewelry. White gold is usually made with a nickel alloy.

The higher karat weight a gold piece of jewelry has, the more valuable that piece of jewelry will be.


Q.What are the Diamond Clarity Designations?

A. FL - "Flawless" no inclusions at 10 x magnification
IF - "Internally Flawless" no inclusions at 10 x mag. - small blemishes
VVS-1 - "Very Very Small" inclusions hard to see at 10 x magnification
VVS-2 - "Very Very Small" inclusions. VVS1 better than VVS2
VS-1 - "Very Small" inclusions visible at 10 x mag. - not naked eye
VS-2 - "Very Small" inclusions VS1 is better grade than VS2
SI-1 - "Small" or "Slight" Inclusions or "Imperfections" may be "eye clean"
SI-2 - "Small" or "Slight" Inclusions or "Imperfections" visible to naked eye
SI-3 - Inclusions large and obvious, little or no brilliance
I-1 to I-3 - Imperfect, with large Inclusions, fractures, and flaws

Q. How is a Carat Designation measured?

A. A "Carat" is a measurement of both the size and weight of the stone. One "Carat" is a unit of mass that is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams or 3.086 grains) or 0.007 ounce. A carat can also be divided into "points" with one carat being equal to 100 points, and with each point being 2 milligrams in weight. A 1/2 carat diamond would be 50 points, a 3/4 carat diamond is 75 points, and a 2 carat diamond is 200 points.

When a single piece of jewelry has multiple stones, the total mass of all diamonds or gemstones is referred to as "Total Carat Weight" or "T.C.W."

Q.What are the Diamond Color Designations

A.* D, E, F - colorless (white)
* G, H, I, J - near colorless
* K, L, M - faint yellow or brown
* N, O, P, Q, R - very light yellow or brown
* S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z - light yellow or brown

Q.How do I clean my jewelry?

A.To clean gemstone jewelry, simple use Ultrasonic cleaner or a solution of one part ammonia to six parts water, with soft brush. As with all jewelry, normal wear and tear can loosen prongs and setting , so it is always good to have it checked by a professional jeweler who can make repairs as needed.


Q. How many Romantic Gift Cards can I order for FREE? 

A. Only 1 Free Romantic Gift Card per order. If multiple cards are selected only the first card on the order will be included in your order.


Q. When is my order shipped for FREE?

A. All orders $100+ will be shipped for FREE via standard shipping in the continental U.S. A standard $8.95 shipping to continental U.S. is charged for orders under $100. Additional $5 charge to orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. Please email for international shipping charges. Additional shipping options available upon request.


Q. Does the Sterling Silver Jewelry come in a wooden gift box? 

A. No, only Fine Jewelry comes in a wooden gift box. Your Sterling Silver Jewelry comes in either a soft bag or box. It's lovely too, ready for gift giving!


Q. Who is the photographer of the great pictures on your Home Page? 

A. Triplecord Photography! You can visit Annette Biggers Triplecord website at http://www.triplecord.com  Let them know you saw their photos on our site!



Q. What should I look for when purchasing a diamond?

A. When shopping for a diamond, you should look for cut, color, clarity, carat weight, sparkle and fire.

Q. Is it necessary to buy a diamond with the certified report?

A.Reports aren’t necessary for every diamond, and many beautiful diamonds used in jewelry are sold without them. But when considering the purchase of a very fine diamond weighing one carat or more, we strongly recommend that the stone be accompanied by a report.


Q. What is a Certified Grading Report?

A. A grading report does more than certify the stone’s genuineness.It fully describes the stone and evaluates each of the critical factors affecting quality, beauty, and values. Another important function of reports is to verify the identity of a specific diamond at some future time. For insurance purposes, the information provided on the report will help ensure replacement of a lost or stolen diamond with one that is truly comparable quality.

Q. How can I read the diamond report?

A.Check the date issued: It is very important to check the date on the report. It’s always possible that the stone has been damaged. Since the report was issued. Who issued the report? Check the name of the laboratory issuing the report. FJR only carry GIA, AGS, and EGL.

Identity of the stone : most diamond today is laser inscription on diamond that match it report number. When they are called diamond report and are only issued for genuine diamonds. 

Weight: The exact carat weight must be given .

Dimensions: Any diamond, of any shape, should be measured and the dimensions recorded as a means of identification, especially for insurance/identification purpose.



1st - Gold
2nd - Garnet
3rd - Pearl
4th - Blue Topaz
5th - Sapphire
6th - Amethyst
7th - Onyx
8th - Tourmaline
9th - Lapis Lazuli
10th - Diamond
11th - Turquoise
12th - Jade
13th - Citrine
14th - Opal
15th - Ruby
20th - Emerald
25th - Silver Jubilee
30th - Pearl Jubilee
35th - Emerald
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Golden Jubilee
55th - Alexandrite
50th - Diamond Jubilee



 January's birthstone is the garnet  friendship and loyalty
 February's birthstone is the amethyst  bring peace of mind
 March's birthstone is the aquamarine   protect health
 April's birthstone is the diamond  strengthen body and soul
 May's birthstone is the emerald  helps tell the future
 June's birthstone is the pearl   to be aphrodisiacs
 July's birthstone is the ruby   bring love
 August's birthstone is the peridot  bring divine inspiration
 September's birthstone is the sapphire  relax and soothe the mind
 October's birthstone is the opal  sharpen emotions
 November's birthstone is the citrine  makes its wearer lighthearted
 December's birthstone is the blue topaz  bring patience












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