Inspirational Award

Inspirational Award


Inspirational Clock

"New Beginnings"

"In times of change, there is no incentive so great, and no medicine so powerful as the hope for a better tomorrow."

Proverb etched on crystal tablet alongside a clock encased in crystal on wood base with mahogany finish covered by a stainless steel sheet.

Stainless steel sheet adds a classic touch to the crystal shapes & reflects light back up throught the crystal.

4.25"L x 1.25"W x 4"H

1 lbs

Engraving/Etching Additional upon request

$13 each, Graphics $8 each, Short messages (4 words or less) $13, Long messages (more than 4 words) $20 Etching $2 will be added to the above prices for the addition of a color rub

  • Model: JQGGL3813

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